Advanced single ply technology


Tectofin RV – homogeneous, synthetic rubber, fleece-backed single ply waterproofing is leading the field in todays roofing marketplace. High impact resistance and flexibility, greater tensile strength and Tectofin RV tics all the enviromental boxes! Bonded, ballasted, mechanically fixed or in a ’green roof‘ application, Tectofin RV is the answer! Long life, and easy to use, ’welds like PVC‘, Tectofin is the membrane ALL our competitors wish they had! Available in White, light grey and titanium, visible or purely practical waterproofing, Tectofin RV
is the answer!

Just one of the technical solutions for Tecotfin RV: TK 395 Foam adhesive for Insulation

The future on roof tops
Terokal 395 has been specially designed for bonding thermal insulation on flat roofs. This is the future for fixing insulation materials on roof tops: faster, safer and cleaner.

Low consumption – high yield
Foam volume: approx. 45 litres freely foamed. This corresponds to approx. 40 running metres with a bead diameter of approx. 30 mm. In addition, Terokal 395 offers reliable holding power and a short curing time.

Revolutionary solution for bonding fleece-backed membranes:

TK 400 Foam adhesive for bonding roofing membranes to insulation and existing roof surfaces

Fast application – high yield
Thanks to Foam Gun XL, application is not only comfortable for the back but also very economical. One can of TK 400 is sufficient to cover up to 16 square metres.

Low post-expansion
The roofing membrane doesn’t show any waves or bumps and adheres uniformly to the substrate.

No migration of the adhesive
No adhesive beads and lumps stand out through the membrane.

No material loss
No Waste and no mess! Unlike conventional tinned adhesives, the contents are usable until completely drained, even in low temperatures when most glue’s won’t flow, Terokal Adhesives are usable – and with self sealing canisters – re-usable!

For more information on Tectofin contact Jack Lewis on 07717 510326 or at jack.lewis@ravenroofingsupplies.co.uk


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