Profile 3

Profile 3 is easy to handle and is suitable for small structures in the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors, such as garages, general purpose sheds and smaller buildings. A comprehensive range of accessories is available. The sheets and accessories can be supplied in a range of 33 colours.Download Product Brochure »


Profile 6

Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations that run along the length of the sheet. This provides maximum impact strength without affecting the durability of the product. Download Product Brochure »



The Farmscape product range uses the Profile 6 profile and is designed to reduce the visual impact of buildings on the landscape by giving them a more natural look from new. This effect is achieved by applying a surface pigmentation to the top face of the sheet. Download Product Brochure »


Download the Full Comax 2016 Product Brochure »


Box Profile Comax ‘Trapez’

COMAX TRAPEZE is our traditional industrial cladding range, used for roofing and wall cladding purposes, even fences. Ideal for covering large areas. This range has unbeatable paint warranties. We produce 2 types of roofing COMAX TRAPEZE in our plant – TR18 and TR35. Both profiles are suitable for roof covering, lower type TR18 is best used for wall cladding. These profiles are made on our modern manufacturing line. Thanks to profiling we obtain exact length for particular roof construction to minimise the costs. If required, we can create a design to obtain exact measurements needed to avoid any waste and cutting on site.


Comax ’Taska’ Aluminium or Metal Roof Tile

COMAX TILE ‘Taska’ is a favourite modern aluminium or zinc coated galvanised steel covering with universal use. Its main advantage is low weight which gives an advantage to use much easier and lighter construction that lowers the total cost of the entire roof. This material is suitable for reconstructions as well as new houses, garages, sheds and pergolas. Large format tiles are produced in lengths reaching from the ridge to the gutter. We can make the exact lengths you require. Installation is done on standard battening with a pitch of 350 mm. We recommend
our special hexagonal screws with rubber-made pad for installation. We guarantee the same quality and equal lifespan as the tile. As an innovation we introduced COMAX TILE Textured + Embossed. It excels with unique weather resistance and anti-corrosion. The tile is made of special alloy which influences forming and expansion of the sheet. Thanks to these material qualities long service life is guaranteed – up to 60 years. Combination of texture and embossed surface gives the tile unique look. It really does imitate look of a clay tile. This surface finish refracts sun rays so roofing does not seem to be glossy. At the end of the life cycle the roofing is 100% recyclable and so environmentally friendly.

We deliver all standard and non-standard rainwater accessories, including gutter system.



Comax ‘Klik’ Standing Seam

Comax KLIK is our easy to fit standing seam roofing. This covering is suitable above all for new houses. Thanks to its low weight it can be also used for reconstructions and for industrial buildings. Due to the fact that this product is manufactured based on customer´s requirements there is minimal waste. Installation is very easy and time saving. The simple locking function eliminates necessity of fully skilled standing seam tradesmen. All anchoring fitments are hidden. After fixing the first profile to wooden decking, the second profile is easily covered and locked. The way it is fitted does not allow it to be unlocked. If the roofing is to be laid onto battens, it is essential to use a appropriate breathable membrane to eliminate any rain noise and condensation.


Comax ‘Alukryt’

COMAX ALUKRYT® is a traditional and universal type of roofing made of aluminium designed for various uses. Its advantage is low weight, easy manipulation and quick installation. It is suitable above all for construction of industrial and agricultural buildings and also for garages, sheds etc. Sheets used for production of COMAX ALUKRYT are coated by high quality polyester paint, very suitable for bending and forming where necessary. The profile can be adjusted during installation as required.